Resume of Jeromy L. Irvine

For job opportunities, you can email me for my address, phone number, and references. You can view my Stack Overflow profile for a more practical example of my technical knowledge.

I am a software developer looking for a position where I can use my skills to create useful and usable applications for the user, with stable and well-designed solutions. I have extensive background in object-oriented languages and practices, with an excellent track record of solving complex design and interaction problems in a wide range of problem domains, including configuration and selection, identity management, security, and usability.

Technical Skills Overview

Languages C# (8 years) JavaScript (11 years) T-SQL (7 years)
F# (1 year) Python (1 year) Visual Basic (5 years)
Technologies ADO.NET (6 years) HTML / XHTML (11 years) MS SQL Server (7 years)
ASP.NET Ajax (1 year) jQuery (1 year) MySQL (3 years)
ASP / ASP.NET (9 years) LINQ (2 years) Web Services (6 years)
CSS (11 years) Microsoft IIS (8 years) XML / XSLT (10 years)

Professional Experience

Sep. 05 - Present University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Churchill, PA Systems Analyst – Intermediate
  • Designed and implemented a business object layer for the Identity Management (IMS) website, decreasing overall development and maintenance time for the site.
  • Designed and implemented web pages for project management, security badge request, and other areas of the IMS website.
  • Improved stability and reusability of IMS work queue system, resulting in an 80% reduction in routine monthly development time. Redesigned key workflow backend, eliminating a series of recurring failures in the work queue system.
  • Led conversion of IMS website from ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET 2.0. Implemented automated build and deployment for ASP.NET web projects.
  • Defined best practices and coding standards for C# and ASP.NET web development. Established code review process, improving the reliability of the web site and reducing overall error rates.
  • Led research into integrating Ajax, jQuery, and related technologies into the IMS site.
  • Represented the IMS team in the UPMC Design Patterns Work Group.
  • Mentored junior developers in C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and other programming skills.
Sep. 04 - Present Accuvera Pittsburgh, PA Software Engineer / Web Developer
  • ASP.NET, C#, CSS, HTML, and PHP development and ongoing support for a variety of sites, including,,, and others.
  • Designed and implemented product configurator development tool using C# and Windows Forms, allowing the user to model product properties and rules in a standard XML format.
  • Created a JavaScript/ASP-based configurator rules engine, turning static HTML forms into smart, interactive forms with enhanced visual feedback, enabling the user to quickly and easily select valid product options.
Jan. 02 - Sep. 04 Ilumifi, Inc. Irwin, PA Software Engineer
  • Developed tools used to create browser-based product configurators, selectors, and part number generators using ASP, XML, XSLT, and SOAP. Created rules and pricing engines for configurators using JavaScript and SOAP.
  • Led research into use of ASP.NET and C# for product configurators.
  • Designed server components to manage the packaging, deployment, and day-to-day use of web-based product configurators, drastically reducing the amount and time and training needed to implement and maintain a configuration system.
  • Created Internet and intranet systems for product configuration, sales automation, and quotation management. Developed technologies to allow these systems to run as disconnected clients with server synchronization to over the Internet.
Mar. 01 - Dec. 01 Mellon Financial Corporation Pittsburgh, PA Associate Programmer/Analyst
  • Developed content management tools for financial markets news website using JSP and XML.
  • Designed and implemented strategies for converting legacy documents and information resources to web-accessible formats using XML.
  • Created browser-based project tracking and time reporting tools for workgroup intranet.
Aug. 98 - Feb. 01 Alventive, Inc. Irwin, PA Software Engineer
  • Developed web-based collaborative product definition data gathering and documentation solutions for Design-to-Order (DTO) B2B solutions using ASP and XML.
  • Developed browser-based visual authoring tool to publish product configurators for use in the DTO system.
  • Developed and maintained web-based sales force automation configurators, e-commerce shopping cart system, and corresponding system administration tools using ASP and Java.